Are You Accidental or Intentional

Are You Accidental or Intentional

How are you showing up? 

Are you barely keeping up?  Do you sort of barrel through your life reacting as you go?  Is the best that people are going to get from you based on how much sleep you got, when you last took a bio break for food, water, exercise or rest? Is your last conversation still playing in your head? Are deadlines stressing you out?


Or do you show up intentionally as your highest and best self? Are you focused and ready for the next challenge? Are you in the zone and willing to fight for the highest possible good for the people you care about?  Do you hold space for their ups and downs without getting absorbed too?


I am going to bet that your answer to both scenarios is “Yes”. Because showing up accidentally or intentionally are only mutually exclusive in a particular moment. You can shift between the two in the blink of an eye. We usually trend down and lose focus which is frustrating. But here’s the good news: you can reset just as quickly if you let yourself.

You have the skill and the experience of working with intention if you have ever accomplished a goal. Intention makes it possible to optimize your personal performance. But do you remember to do it all of the time?


YOU are the common thread between yourself, your family, your team, your organization, and your community.  Do you show up the same in each domain?  Or are you more intentional in some and more accidental in others?   


I know you care about the impact you’re making.  I also see that you are committed to developing yourself and becoming a better leader because you are here reading this.  But like the wind and the tide, life pulls us in many directions. We have to take action, the equivalent of dropping anchor or setting sail to resist the pull. Intention can power both.

The ultimate intention is to provide high support AND high challenge to the people around you. On your team, it has big benefits. When you bring it to every domain, the value is huge. 


Why? Because instead of limiting yourself to what you can achieve by yourself, you are focusing on impact.


When you can show up intentionally in all of the domains, it’s like lining up the tumblers in a lock. When the last one gets in place, you can free your potential and maximize your impact. There is no limit to what you and everyone you have influenced can achieve.