CORE of Healthy Cultures

CORE of Healthy Cultures

I love effective tools. In fact, one of my favorites is IDSR which is a problem solving tool that gets to the root of the issue and eliminates it in 4 steps: Identify, Discuss, Solve & Resolve.

What could be better than this you ask? A multi-purpose tool that prevents issues too.

Let me tell you what I mean. This is the CORE of Healthy Cultures: Call It, Own-It, Respond, Execute. 



As a business leader, it’s your responsibility to set a vision for your team. Leaders determine the culture, so why leave it up to chance? Name the values that create a culture you and your team will thrive in.


Get really specific. Identify the impact of the values as well as the drivers that support or undermine them.  Make sure you are all on the same page. The best leaders do this by describing the behaviors that represent the ideas reflected in their values. Do your team a favor and don’t leave it up to their interpretation. Discuss and document it in a culture guide.

…So far, so good.

These first two steps are great, but they are an inspiring vision at best.  You have to keep going to turn it into reality.  It takes work to create the transformation you want. Here’s the tactical and practical way to do it.


   Align and commit to taking action to build the culture you want.  You are planning for success when you breakdown the work into easy to do steps. Having the details ready will make it easier for others to join in on the change and make it easy to stay on track.

   You are also doing your future self a favor. Eventually your motivation is going to drop, so prepare early for those moments. Before you start sharing your vision with your team, make a playbook for how you will implement your culture guide. You can fall back on your playbook even when you are stressed or just-don’t-wanna.   

   Be thorough in your playbook. Include how you will integrate your values into conversations and meetings. Don’t forget to figure out how you can kindly redirect anyone who is struggling.


   This is the blood sweat and tears that only you can bring to your company.  By following through, you will move the needle. You will actually establish a culture that will serve your team and clients. 

   Don’t expect the plan to be perfect or for culture to change overnight. Give yourself time for small wins and space to fail in safe ways and to try again.

The results are worth the patience and effort. You will have happier, more engaged people in your own company and in the clients that you are serving.