Decision Fatigue is a Real Thing

Decision Fatigue is a Real Thing

Have you ever started discussing an issue and then lost your train of thought? Or walked into another room, only to forget why you went there?

Every time you use your brain to take action or answer a question you are burning energy.  Another cup of coffee isn’t going to help. It might be time to consider adding habits and routines to your life because Decision Fatigue is a real thing.

Your brain can only make so many decisions each day. Some experts estimate we top out at 35,000 per day, which may seem like a lot. But I wonder if the 34,987th decision is as good as our first of the day. My guess is no.

So how can you avoid unnecessary decisions and save your energy for when you need it? Systems, routines, and habits are ways to make a good decision once and benefit from it over and over again. Habits are the building blocks. String a few together and you have a routine. Consider a few common scenarios and identify the routine that serves you best in each and you have a system. In just a short time you will have saved a lot of energy.

So stick with your healthy habits. You will be happy you did when life throws you the unexpected- like sick kids, key employees resigning with little notice, or anything like 2020 that you have to figure out as you go. By systematizing your habits, you will be ready and able to make the best decision possible when your life and business need it most.