Finding Good Help Can Be Hard

Finding Good Help Can Be Hard

Are you clear that your focus needs to be on your business instead of in your business? Then you are probably thinking of hiring a business coach or consultant as your next step.  But, how do you decide which one you need? And is there a difference?

In a nutshell the difference between coaches and consultants is answered with one question- Whose plan do you want to follow? 

If you want someone to give you a plan (hopefully tried and true) you are probably looking for a consultant.  A consultant will help you by diagnosing the situation and providing their plan to achieve the desired outcome. They are giving you a solution based on their experience and expertise. They will plan the work for you.  

But… if you would rather make your own plan (after all, no one knows your company better than you) then a coach could be the better fit. In general, a coach sees you as a creative and competent person who is capable of solving your own problems. They will work with you. Their approach will be to help shed light on the situation and help you figure out your priorities and approach.

Both will help you work the plan and stay accountable. Both can help you figure out where you can make the biggest impact. Neither are best, but one will be better for you depending on your needs at the time.  How urgent is your need to get a plan in action? How custom of a solution do you need? In short, do you want a fish or do you want to learn how to fish? Your success will be a combination of what each of you bring to the relationship and how well you work together.