Get to Know Your Personality

Get to Know Your Personality

You are your best asset!  We all have natural styles and approaches to communication, conflict, problem-solving, accountability, and caring for our relationships.  In order to level up and build on our strengths, we need to know how we are wired. 

There are many ways to learn about ourselves- my favorite tool is a personality profile quiz.  I love them- and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed and/or learned something from every quiz I have taken. But if you don’t yearn to know which Harry Potter character, or color, or fruit you are most like, I can save you some time by pointing out the tools that have sparked real breakthroughs for my clients and helped them shift team dynamics to improve culture, team performance and profitability. 

Here is a countdown of my top recommendations for FREE personality profiles. In my opinion, each assessment is well designed and written.  Especially in a remote work environment, they can be great team builders. And did I mention free? Who doesn’t love a free online quiz?


16 personalities: 

A quick but thorough personality profile.   It is an excellent general profile and pretty much a fusion of the Meyers-Briggs (MBTI) and the Big Five personality traits. With my degree in Psychology, I am fond of this type of assessment, especially when we are myth-busting the bias that everyone is like us or at least should be! Other tools may provide similar results but 16 Personalities goes above and beyond in their explanations.  They highlight strengths and weaknesses of each style in a variety of settings like work, love, and parenting.


Gretchen Rubin’s 4 Tendencies:

A simple and elegant framework based on our receptiveness to internal and external expectations. Laser focused on expectations and whether we respond well or resist them. Gretchen Rubin has made them very memorable with clever phrasing and mottos. This is a really fast hack into managing our accountability since our ability to execute and follow through on a plan is the best indicator of success.


Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages:

Building on the Golden Rule of treating others the way you would want to be treated, Chapman advises the Platinum Rule: Treat others the way they want to be treated. The framework helps identify the perfect blend of how you feel most loved and appreciated and which styles may not work for you despite the best of intentions. Bonus! The site actually has a bonanza of quizzes! The love languages quiz has been customized for singles, couples, teens and children, plus there is one about anger management and an awesome quiz about apology style.

These are a low pressure and fun way to start understanding yourself and teammates. Give them a try and let me know what you think. Recommend them to family, friends and coworkers. I  guarantee that you will get much more than you pay for!  

Gentle reminder/fine print/speed talking at the end of a pharmaceutical commercial– These quizzes can be really informative. While you should share them with lots of people and learn from the quizzes- don’t weaponize the results.  They are not a shield to hide behind or a sword to hurt or manipulate others with.