Hold the Flame ‘Til the Dream Ignites

Hold the Flame ‘Til the Dream Ignites

Earlier this week I drove by the local high school and couldn’t help but notice all the teenagers with clean new shoes and fresh haircuts. It reminded me of the optimism and excitement that comes with a new beginning. After all, we all show up with straight A’s on the first day of school

The key to success is finding a way to keep that “day one” passion and drive alive for the long haul. I couldn’t help myself from including my favorite Rush lyric, so here are a few tips and tricks to help you “hold the flame ‘til the dream ignites. 



As a quick reminder, SMART= Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and TimelyWith a SMART goal identified, you have taken the first step towards success. Be aware that tackling a large goal can seem overwhelming and can stop you in your tracks right from the start. If you’re trying to achieve something big, break your goal up into several small chunksAs you achieve each small goal, you’ll feel the thrill of success, and the dopamine boost that comes along with it will help propel you towards the finish line!



 Let’s face it, creating new habits and starting new things is hard. Taking time to celebrate when you achieve small milestones along the way will help you stay extra motivated. Decide ahead of time how you will celebrate. Will it be sharing a nice bottle of wine with a loved one? Indulging in your favorite dessert? Spoiling yourself with a walk at the beach? (These are my favorites!) Deciding is half the fun!


Don’t just say you’re going to do it… actually set time in your calendar to do it! Prioritizing the achievement of your goal, and planning how to fit it into your busy day, helps keeps you from “forgetting” or “not having enough time.” 



Here’s one case where peer pressure is good! Tell everyone who will listen about your hopes and dreams. Talking about your goals will help them become reality, and who knows… you might even find someone that wants to help you achieve success! 




Remember that every day is a chance for a new beginning! Whether your goal is to run a mile or a marathon, you can be successful if you harness the power of these simple organizational and motivational toolsA pair of new shoes and a fresh haircut are always fun, too. 


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