Is your Give-A-Damn broken too?

Is your Give-A-Damn broken too?

I have been struggling with low energy for a while…It became super annoying about a month ago like an obnoxious house guest that just won’t leave. Because everything is harder without lots of energy,  I have been trying a few different things to get back some vibrancy.

If you have been struggling too, here are a few things that are working for me to rebuild strength:

More Purpose- Take some time first thing each morning to get your bearings and set some targets for what must get done.  Approaching the day intentionally will let you get the most out of it. Pick a method that you like and you will remember to use- sticky notes, a To-Do List, a day planner, the calendar app on your phone.. Your choice.

More Water- Staying hydrated keeps your mind sharp and your metabolism moving. When everything else feels difficult, refilling your water bottle is very easy. Plus all of the trips to the kitchen and bathroom between tasks will get you lots of steps each day.

More Prioritizing- Pick one and only one task and give it some boundaries like a timeframe or a milestone that makes sense like 45 minutes or a first draft.  Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by all the things that need doing, just pick the most important one and make some progress. Your mind may race like a caged squirrel the first few times you do it, but trust me, it will work. Focus and finish your top priority- you will feel so accomplished and ready to tackle the next task.

More Laughter- Try to laugh hard every day. Queue up the comedy specials, classic movies, podcasts or whatever tickles your funny bone. I am keeping it positive. Frustration and anger are close to the surface for me these days and it is easy to accidentally trigger out of proportion reactions. Until my energy rebounds, I am avoiding the intense dramas and  sensational news that make me lose sleep.

More Connection- Reach out to at least one person each day. Tell them why you appreciate them. Encourage them in what they are dealing with at home and work.  Even if it has been more than a year since you saw them face to face, you can let them know you were thinking of them and that they matter.

Hopefully these actions will help boost your productivity and your energy too. If not, you know yourself best. To bring out your highest and best self, what do you need more of? Less of? You are your best asset so take care. You are worth it.