It’s Like Asking a Fish “How’s the water?”

It’s Like Asking a Fish “How’s the water?”

This month my challenge for you is to develop your Self-Awareness.  If I asked you to describe yourself, what would you say?  A quick response to that question would be something I would say when we meet and I would tell you about my fabulous husband and kids, my love of puzzles, gardening, reading, traveling for work, family and rugby.

But…Self-Awareness is more than these details.  You need to tune into your thoughts, emotions, and decision making.

It sort of puts you on the spot though. It is really hard to describe yourself in these terms because you are so close to them you probably take them for granted. It is like asking a fish “How’s the water?”

One of the fastest ways to get insights into your “water” is through a personality profile.  They won’t tell you about your family or your hobbies, but they can quickly get to the root of how you process the world around you and the natural biases you have about what is normal and correct. They aren’t meant to put you in a box, but instead to help you figure out which box you are starting in.

My go-to profile is a DISC assessment. This tool is a matrix of your preference between people and tasks, as well as your preferred verbal style, whether it be fast paced or a more even, reserved style. While you use all of the these and the world is full of situations that demand that you flex between them, your primary style is easiest to use so you usually start there.

DISC is an acronym for the 4 styles-

  • Dominant- Decisive, Results-oriented, Direct, Bottom-line
  • Interactive- Optimistic, Group-oriented, Motivational, Enthusiastic
  • Supportive- Helpful, Relationship-oriented, Harmonious, Consistent
  • Conscientious- Logical, Detail-oriented, Systematic, Questioning

Which style do you prefer? One probably stood out as being best to you but all of the styles have strengths and weaknesses.  Did you know that each strength can be used to the extreme where too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing? Being aware of both will help you reach your goals. so we will come back to this next month when we talk about Self-Management.

Want to learn more?

There are a lot of DISC assessments on the market and they are not all built the same. My favorite comes from Take Flight Learning.  I am a huge fan and certified coach and trainer for their courses on using your personal style to develop leadership, and improve how you communicate, innovate, prevent & resolve conflict. These courses are great for individuals and can make terrific team builders. Some of my clients have told me that their profiles were so accurate that it was spooky. If you haven’t taken a DISC assessment recently, book an appointment and I can get you on the right flight path sooner rather than later. 

New to personality quizzes, and not sure if you want to make any kind of commitment to them just yet? There are a few free quizzes that have my stamp of approval, learn more about them from one my recent blogs, Get to Know Your PersonalityOne of them may fit your needs and help you take the first step toward being more self-aware and in turn, more successful.