Know When to Pass the Baton

Know When to Pass the Baton

The end of summer and back to school time is a season of endings and beginnings. Sounds good, but are you wondering about all the work on your plate? Are you procrastinating even though you know the work needs to get done? 

 You might even be thinking “I need to work harder and just buckle down to get it done.”   

 You are probably wrong. 

If you are like most of my clients, you are hardworking. If hard work were the solution, it would not be on your plate still. Instead, you probably aren’t the right person to take the next step on that project. Now you might think you are doing the noble thing and sparing everyone the slog you know this work is going to be…You are just going to take it on the chin for the team. But consider this, we all have our highest and best use (HABU) for our teams. Is the work you have been putting off your HABU? 

Yes? Okay, you win. You might want to work on your time management. Prioritize and carve out the time to get it done. 

No? Then look to your team. It’s likely that you have a colleague that not only does the work faster and better than you do…they also enjoy it!  


Sometimes you should pass the baton.

Our natural styles make some types of work more appealing and easier to do. It’s easy to assume that everyone feels the same way about the same types of work. But when you make this assumption, you are missing an opportunity to collaborate with a coworker that loves to do the type of work you hate. And you are robbing them of the satisfaction they will get when they play to their strengths. 

Maybe you hate spreadsheets but love giving presentations? Pair up with a data geek that would prefer to stay behind their computer.  

Love fixing problems but want a plan to follow? Find an innovative problem solver, they may struggle at implementing their solutions. 

As the saying goes, there is a pot for every lid.  

Even as a business owner or executive this remains true. At the top of an organization, the stakes are higher and control is harder to give up, but you still will not be good at everything. In fact, it is even more important that you leverage your resources and delegate to your team. 

 In this tool, we can see that unique styles are suited for specific phases of the business cycle. It can be tempting to bring on people you really connect with, but if that connection is based on your similarities, you may be creating obstacles for your team. 

One executive team I worked with were all quick starters; they all wanted to jump in and tackle the issues their company was facing. The struggle for them was that all these strategic initiatives just went up like a wisp of smoke- they identified the problem, saw its root cause, designed a solution….and then were on to the next problem. Nobody managed the execution of the solution and so the changes did not get made. 

Sound familiar? Having all styles on our teams gives us a competitive advantage to navigate the phases of growth.


A team is not just a group of individual contributors hustling to get things done. The best teams are a group of people working toward a shared goal. Like on a rugby pitch where only one person can carry the ball at a time, on a team there will be times that your job will be to let your teammate do what they do best. Your support and trust are your HABU at those moments. Cheer them on and get in position for your turn to run with it. 

Try this free assessment with your team to find out your styles and to see how they are setting you up for success. 

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