Level Up Your Team with Data

Level Up Your Team with Data

Is your team struggling to perform?  

Have you tried all the latest and greatest management tricks but somehow haven’t moved the needle yet?   Did you make progress, but it didn’t stick? 

Instead of using data to make informed decisions, frequently managers will fall victim to their own opinions and biases.  

  • Opinion-Your ability to make creative independent decisions which can be a superpower when creating a vision and setting strategy, may work against you when you decide on tactics to enhance team performance. Team performance is not based on your opinion alone; everyone on the team has to agree. When you are unaware of the gaps your team sees, you get bogged down by dysfunction. You just can’t wish your team into high performance mode. You all must take action. 
  • Bias-Your laser focus on execution and alignment will get you only as far as the strength of the relationships of your team members can carry you. If you only work on these factors, your team will burn out and you will have a high turnover rate. If I don’t have your attention yet… Just think how much time and energy the hiring process takes.  


Maximizing team performance is complex and relies on the interaction of five factors. And because teams wouldn’t be teams without people, relationships are core. They will make or break what you can do together 

Let me share a tool with you. This model is a wheel, so it is safe to start anywhere to see how they build on each otherWhile I know communication is a cornerstone, the easiest way is to learn the tool is to start here:  

  1. Capacity- Do you have what you need to succeed? Do you have access to resources like skills, capital, and people to achieve your goals? Are there bottle necks or constraints holding you back from giving your best? 

  1. Communication- How healthy and effective are your communication skills and habits? 

  1. Relationships- Does everyone have the necessary trust? Do you feel safe enough to fully support and challenge one another? 

  1. Alignment-Does everyone know what is expected of them each day? Do they understand how they contribute to the vision of the company? Are you all committed to being on the same page? 

  1. Execution- Are there shadow projects or individual agendas using up bandwidth? Does everyone maximize their potential and work on the correct things, so the organization reaches its goals? 

  1. Capacity Which brings us back to our start. Getting this cycle of team performance tuned up will unleash the potential of your teamYou will have more capacity when you remove friction and boost focus. Your team will level up. Productivity and profitability will go up and turnover on your team will drop.  

It may sound like a dream but is also very achievable.  

Every day, I help teams measure how they are doing and turn that awareness into action.  If you are ready to make it your reality, schedule a call today as your first step toward creating an Invincible Team. 

Don’t settle for inspiration, commit to transformation.