Need Some Rocket Fuel?

Need Some Rocket Fuel?

You have heard me say it before- you are your own best asset.  One way to inject extra energy into your business is to know where your strengths are and craft complementary relationships, teams, and systems for them.

A great example of this is the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, EOS® for short. Built around the concept that “Vision without execution is a hallucination”. This idea is attributed to many including Thomas Edison, Will Rogers, and a Japanese proverb, While the attribution is unclear, the wisdom is universal.

The EOS® system provides a great framework to simply and clearly run a thriving business. Sounds good, right?  Well…like all powerful tools, the output you get will correlate to what you put into it, or like my friends in IT like to say “Garbage in, garbage out.” For EOS®, the critical input is the leadership team, especially the Visionary and Integrator roles.

Sitting at the top and center of the business, these two roles working together makes all the difference. When they work well together the results are amazing. The Visionary is focused on the big-picture “Why’s” of the business while the Integrator focuses on the “How’s” of making that vision a reality. 

Your business’ success depends on people being in the role that uses their talents. These traits aren’t binary either/or styles.  Everyone typically has a blend of these traits and there can be overlap between the roles.

Where do you fit? Integrator? Visionary?

You can find out your unique blend by taking the quiz provided in the Rocket Fuel book or online . A score of 80 or above is considered strong. I have clients that are strong in one, both, and sometimes neither.

All of them have successful businesses, but their formulas for success are quite different. By knowing what they bring best to the business, they are able to strategically add talent, build skills, and manage work to support health and growth at their company. What are your strengths and what are you doing now that makes the most of them?

I have high scores for both traits, and work successfully as a Visionary or an Integrator.  In my own business I batch the work and intentionally carve out time to focus on why’s and how’s since it takes a lot of energy to frequently switch tasks and mindsets between the two. 

For my clients, I offer services as a Fractional Visionary and Fractional Integrator when they need a boost in one area because they don’t have the time or skills inside their company to take on the role.

Curious about EOS® for your business? Schedule a free consultation with me to find out more about how the system can accelerate your business. If you are a bookworm like me, you can learn more about the EOS® System in Traction by Gino Wickman and the Visionary/Integrator relationship in Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters book, Rocket Fuel.