Open and Hopin’ for business!

Open and Hopin’ for business!

Well the dust is settling on our move…finally. Now you may be thinking, “Move? What move?” Or if you have known us for a long time, you may be thinking “What? Not again!” but if your first thought wasn’t “Great! I was wondering how it went.” Let me catch you up.

Earlier this year, my husband Ethan and I leaned in with excitement on the next chapter of our lives. We are in the early stages of being empty nesters and for the first time, throwback alert, DINKs (Double Income, NO KIDS) It seemed like the perfect time to leverage our strengths and grow into something new. Ethan accepted a new job with a bigger company with bigger goals in a different state.  In the moment, it felt like a thrilling challenge and exciting adventure. We weren’t blind to how hard it would be to leave our community with dear friends, colleagues and a house that we had worked so hard to make a home.  We also knew there would be challenges of moving my management coaching practice away from clients and my network. But despite all of this, we knew that we could divide and conquer. Ethan would be the away team getting us started near Syracuse, NY and I would be the home team selling our house and packing up to join him ASAP. We had a plan and were feeling confident when Ethan moved into a small temporary apartment on March 1st, 2020 and started his new job the next day. That’s right, March 1, 2020.

We plan. God laughs. 

I’m paraphrasing a Yiddish proverb here but boy it was true.  Really true, and scary and painful, and I can honestly say we weren’t at our best as we navigated these hurdles plus having two kids still in college. We were in five different states trying to figure out what was going to happen and how we needed to handle it. 

 Fast forward- let’s skip past all of us transitioning to remote work, no rugby for Sam and her solo drive home from St Louis when her campus closed, the real estate market temporarily shutting down as governors deemed it non-essential, the canceled senior year performances, graduation ceremony and celebrations for Ben, and a frantic  multi-step maneuver of moving our household. And like the rest of the world we were dealing with social unrest, economic uncertainties, election year politics and all of the other upsets and uncertainties that this year brought. 

Things are settling into a new complex rhythm. We are still grappling with social and racial injustice. Politics are more political-how is that even possible? The economic fallout of the pandemic is still revealing itself. However, toilet paper is now available in stores (no brand loyalty for us though, we just buy what is on the shelf).  Masks and PPE are readily available and now becoming part of a fashionable outfit with a wide variety of styles and colors- thank you Etsy and Target. On the home front, the repairs are scheduled for our new home which is quirky, inviting, and very much another fixer upper for us.

The seasons are changing again in this extraordinary year. Like all small business owners, I have been forced to pivot and adapt. Last quarter, I was very lucky to be busy with clients as they wrestled with the same issues, but I was also thinking hard about how to ride this out. Analysis paralysis held me hostage for nearly three months. 

Now, even though it is autumn, I feel like I am coming out of dormancy. I am busy tweaking my business model, experimenting and learning from what works and what doesn’t.  I am establishing my business online. I will be sharing my journey along with some inspiration and practical tips about the art of managing ourselves, our teams, and our businesses. Thank you for joining me. I am grateful for your company and your feedback.

See you again soon!