Road Map to Getting the Job Done

Road Map to Getting the Job Done

A manager’s most important job is coordinating the efforts of their team to get the best results. Along with this comes the responsibility to remove the obstacles in the path of the people they lead.  Being aware of your team’s strengths and weaknesses will help you understand them.  Being aware of the environment they are working in will give you the perspective you need to direct them around trouble.

There are a lot of ways roadblocks get thrown up; a client changes a deadline, or internal resources aren’t available. But one of the most overlooked areas is the employee themselves. For an individual to optimize their performance, they need to fit the company and the job. 

Do you have someone on your team that is struggling? Don’t jump in with solutions until you get to the bottom of it.

Let’s look at the company fit first. The trouble may be due to a bad culture fit. The fastest way to figure that out is by comparing their behavior to the core values of the company.  A quick sorting of how well they exemplify the core values: Always- Sometimes- Never- will identify culture mismatches. Even one “Never” can make high performance for the team impossible.

Once you are confident that the person fits well with the culture, then it’s time to take a look at how well the person fits their role. Next step is to evaluate for Get It/ Want It/Capacity to Do It. This  tool will help you find the root cause of the struggle, and only from this awareness, can you help them overcome.

  • Get It– Are you on the same page about what is expected in this role and why it’s important? If you are out of synch here, how can you be more clear? Do you need to be more specific about what needs to be done and how to gauge success? Do you need to provide more context about how their actions fit into the big picture?
  • Want It-Do they want the role? Did they ever want it? Did that change? Are they ready for a new challenge and role? Or did the role change so it’s no longer a good fit for them?
  • Capacity to do it– Do they have the natural talent and thinking style to do it well? The skills to do the job well? Do they need to take a course? Do they have the tools? Do you need to boost the technology? How about the time? Did they let go of other responsibilities when they took on this role?

When you have figured out where the breakdown is, you can plan your next steps. Do you need to change the job?  Find them a new role? Bridge the gap between where they are now and where you need them to be?  From this decision point, you can make the strongest plan that will propel you to success.

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**Check out this book! The People Analyzer™  is part of the EOS toolset and featured in How to Be a Great Boss by Gino Wickman and Rene Boer**