Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Social awareness is extremely difficult to act on now. Many of us are still working from home while we have limited contact with colleagues. We just don’t have many chances to casually bump into each other. We may only see each other via video for a meeting that already has a packed agenda. If you are back in an office, staying socially distanced, and wearing a mask can create several layers of separation.

You have to be intentional. Here are a few ways to stay connected with your colleagues. 

1. Connect: Start your meetings with a quick round of “roses and thorns” where everyone gets a quick chance to share a success and a struggle from that day. Make it rapid fire- 30 seconds or less. It will add a little excitement and a boost of energy to the beginning of the meeting.  If you have been talking to the same people throughout the day or day after day, make it even faster by cutting it down to just the good news “roses”.

2, Start the conversation: Seek out people you haven’t talked to in a while. Drop them a quick line with encouragement, praise, and excitement. Don’t wait until something blows up to reach out. But if things do go sideways, let them know you are thinking of them. A note of empathy will also go a long way.

3. Collaborate: Schedule a timeslot to work with an open line (video) with a coworker to share what you are working on.  A working session with someone you like and trust can help move work forward for both of you.

Caution: you may be out of practice if you have gotten into a work-from-home-during-the-pandemic rut.  Sometimes you’re just desperate to talk to someone you don’t live with and vent your frustrations. Don’t get confused. This isn’t being socially aware.  I know it is important and will make us feel sooo much better. But don’t forget that when we do it, it is all about us not our listener. Being socially aware, means we are tuning into others. Show up for your team, they deserve it.