Take A Look Around

Take A Look Around

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” –  Jim Rohn

So true, although the number is probably much higher than 5. The fact is, what you think is normal or even possible is reinforced by what you see the people around you do.  Their behavior sets boundaries around what you do, acceptable and unacceptable, and who you aspire to be.

It’s wired into us. We are social creatures and from an early age we copy the behavior we see especially from leaders.  Our brains are sponges for any information that helps us survive as well as resist the unknown and unproven. Our brains mark these areas as dangerous and to be avoided like on those old maps where the world was risky and uncertain.

When you are oblivious to the secret life of your brain, it will manage you into the herd where you will blend in. Forget the exceptional life you are meant to live and the unique impact you could make. The goal of life in the herd is survival. You don’t need to be the fastest, you just need to be faster than the person next to you.

This is where those 5+ people closest to you come in. Your brain wants you to be like them or slightly better.  Cue the comparisons. What follows is up to you. Complacency? Exhaustion? Inspiration?



How do the people around you impact you? By people, let’s include everyone who influences you: at home, at work, social media, even podcasts and books. Don’t forget that you are also impacting them. You amplify each other.

So how’s it working for you so far?

When you are aware of how you act and who you are around them, you are armed with valuable information. You can end accidental leadership by realizing you are in control. How you surround yourself is your choice… Choose wisely.