Welcome to the “CoLab”

Welcome to the “CoLab”

Welcome to the CoLab at Thrive with 4C- collaborative consulting, coaching, and courses.

If you are an extrovert like me, you don’t just love working with people, you need it like air to breathe. Top priority for me after the move was having a home office that revs me up every time I step into it. I have it, but I still felt like something was missing… colleagues.

So as a reminder to myself, I have named the space “The CoLab”. Kind of short for one of my personal core values: collaboration.  But also and here’s the nerd alert, according to Meriam-Webster Co “prefix for (1) together, (2) to the same degree, (3) being associated in an action with another”.  Yes! Yes! Yes! Definitions 1, 2 and 3! 

“Lab”  short for Labor (as in blood, sweat, and tears; but totally worth it) or Laboratory ( a place to try new things and not burn your eyebrows off in the process). 

As I enter, I am mindful that even when I am the only person standing at my desk, I am not alone.  I am working with you and for you…and everyone who has a business or a job….. or knows someone who does.

Let’s get to work!