What Do You Do When It All Goes Sideways?

What Do You Do When It All Goes Sideways?

Even when they are trying their best, people make mistakes. They blow big opportunities. And how you show up in that moment is what will define you as a leader. 

Those failures are teachable moments, don’t let them go to waste.  In order to learn from your mistakes, you have to recognize them.  As a leader you can be a lens that lets your team view the situation with clarity.  But be careful how you communicate, so they can feel safe learning from a failure. Because there is a big difference between being called out and being called up.


Calling Out– Feels like you against them. Focused on an unchangeable past, it creates separation.  Shame and blame shut down the learning process because the people you are leading will be armoring up to protect themselves (from you).

Calling Up– Feels like you are on their side. 100%.  By reminding them of what they are capable of, you also remind them that they have your support. Focused on what they can do differently in the future, you can build trust by discussing what happened and, by working together, identify how to prevent the same mistakes going forward.


To be a better leader for your team means you will have to be a better leader for yourself.  The next time things go sideways, take a breath, resist the urge to call them out and call them up as loudly as you can.

The best leaders are proactive. By talking through potential pitfalls, you can lead the people you care about around trouble before it happens. You will enable more strategy & success with less trauma and drama