What is More Important: Your Comfort or Your Success?

What is More Important: Your Comfort or Your Success?

Winter is harsh and it is natural for us to seek hope and comfort. Most world religions and cultures have major holidays and festivals in the dark days of late autumn and early winter- Dia de los Muertos, Diwali, Bodhi Day, Thanksgiving, Yule, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve. Many of these are being celebrated in December this year, and the month oozes with tradition.

Unfortunately, the traditions we associate with comfort do not always make us healthier. If you are a Christmas cookie junkie like me, you know what I am talking about. It is also true for managing your business. Just because you have always done it one way, does not mean it is the best way. 

It’s comfortable to let things coast especially when times are tough. 2020 has gone sideways in more than one way and survival is critical, but don’t wait for things to settle down to think strategically. As you wrap up the last quarter of 2020, what if you chose to be better and stronger for the new year to come? 

You would have to change something.

I know, changes can be difficult to make and even harder to maintain.  So ask yourself- what is more important: your comfort or your success?

When you let go of some comfort, what could you accomplish? I am not asking you for a grand gesture, or sweeping changes. I am asking you to look at your situation with perspective and recognize that you can empower yourself by choosing your future. Where do you want to take your company? What do you want your new normal to be?

Here is how you can make that future happen:

1. Don’t think goal. Think standard.

  • This means taking it up a level, not just reaching it once and then being done.
  • Accomplishment may be part of it, but this is bigger.
  • Who do you want to be when you grow up?

2. Anchor it in your identity and core values. Identify why you want to grow in this area.

  • When you do, what will be possible for you, your family, your team, and your precious customers. (If you get the goosebumps, you know you are on to something good.)

3. Pick a minimally viable next step. 

  • Make it a stepping stone that gets you closer to your vision.
  • Your mission is to create progress not perfection.

                                                                          4. Start today, right where you are.

  • No one says you have to wait for January to come around.
  • If you need permission to do it, you officially have mine.