Winning Takes a Team Effort

Winning Takes a Team Effort

truly love the Olympics. My competitive juices start flowing the instant I hear the Olympic Fanfare and Theme song! It harkens me back to the days when I had my own Olympic dreams. Although I never made it there, I am thankful to have been a part of a few amazing field hockey teams.

What I learned along the way is that every player has a position that utilizes their best skills and right back was that position for me. I wasn’t the fastest, but I was scrappy. My friends who played offense were lightning fast and had impressive ball handling skills. My job was to protect the lead that my teammates created, but when a speedy offender got by me, I could rely on our amazing goalie to save the day. We counted on each other to bring our best to the field every day.  

We all play an important role to help our team succeedThis fact is obvious in sportsThe offense scores goals. The defense prevents goals from being scored. Winning is a true team effort. 


However, in our professional or personal lives, this simple truth can be overlooked and sometimes we might think it would be easier if we were all the same. However, it is a real asset that we all have different natural talents and ways of contributing in group settings. After all, can you imagine a business meeting where everyone wanted to lead the group? Oh my! 

Why is he so critical? How come she never speaks up? Gee, their ideas are way out there!” Have you ever thought this about someone you work or live with?  

The GiANT Five Voices explains that there are 5 main leadership types and that each of these 5 Voices brings something important to the team to help it thrive. 

Nurturer: Champion of People, Relational Harmony, and Values 

Creative: Champion of Future Ideas, Innovation, and Organizational Integrity 

Guardian: Champion of Due Diligence, Resources, and Efficient Systems and Processes 

Connector: Champion of Relational Networks, Internal Collaboration, and Effective Communication 

Pioneer: Champion of Strategic Vision, Results, and Problem-Solving 

A great organization can’t exist without a diverse cast of contributors. If you had a company with all Pioneers, you would certainly have a fantastic vision, but you would be missing the experts keeping everyone working together, innovating, asking critical questions, and communicating the benefits of your product or service! 

As a leader, how can you leverage these 5 leadership styles to develop a healthy and robust organization? 

  • Help your teammates understand themselves. When we know ourselves, we can better know our natural tendencies, create better habits, and lead ourselves and others to better outcomes. 
  •  Understand what players are in what roles. We have different talents and skills to offer an organization. Knowing your natural talents can help you leverage these skills and help identify skills you need to level-up. 
  • Learn the ways that you can empower others. (I’m a Nurturer…I thrive in an environment that encourages me to speak my mind.) 
  • Keep great talent. Understanding the type of work that brings each person satisfaction is essential to keeping the great ones on your team. 
  • Create a positive work environment. Understanding how to effectively and respectfully communicate with fellow co-workers is a key to creating a fun place to work! 
I’m not going to lie, there were many times I thought it would be more fun to be the one scoring goal. Let’s face it…that’s where the glory lies. But, in the end, I was thrilled to know that my natural skills as a defender helped us win games…and being a part of a great team was glory enough! 


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