You Don’t Always Need to Trust Your Gut

You Don’t Always Need to Trust Your Gut

Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right. -Henry Ford

When you are setting strategic goals, do you think “That would be awesome but we can’t do that.” But if asked for a few quick reasons, could you explain why?


I doubt it.


But it is totally understandable.

You have a lot of experience and your brain is hardwired to save energy by learning from experience. Even if you are very new to an activity, with just a little experience, your brain creates shortcuts to decision making. You would be exhausted if it didn’t.  These short cuts get processed in the background. You aren’t aware of it happening. It just shows up as your gut feeling or intuition. And since it frequently saves you time and wasted effort, you rely on it again and again.

Unfortunately that isn’t the whole story.


Sometimes fear instead of experience triggers the gut feeling. You won’t notice because it happens so fast. Fear is the brain in self-preservation mode. And while it’s not the same as running from a sabretooth tiger, your brain may want to skip over executing a new marketing strategy for something that it already knows how to do.

Trust but verify your intuition. Find out if the barriers are real.  Or are you getting stopped because of your limiting beliefs? Is it true that it can’t be done or is it you don’t know how? Maybe someone on your team does. Maybe you can’t get it done today, but in six months you will be ready. The barriers are real if there is a law or natural force making it impossible. But don’t get stopped here. If you can’t climb the mountain, can you pick a different path and find a way around it? 

So the next time obstacles show up between you and your goals, do a quick check in by asking yourself “Who says I can’t?” The answer might surprise you!

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